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Image from page 303 of "The treasury of botany: a popular dictionary of the vegetable kingdom; with which is incorporated a glossary of botanical terms" (1866)

Image from page 303 of
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Identifier: treasuryofbotany01lind
Title: The treasury of botany: a popular dictionary of the vegetable kingdom; with which is incorporated a glossary of botanical terms
Year: 1866 (1860s)
Authors: Lindley, John, 1799-1865 Moore, Thomas, 1821-1887
Subjects: Botany
Publisher: London, Longmans, Green, and Co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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isChate. CHAIJBARDIA. An obscure genus oforchids, apparently allied to Maxillaria.It is said to have altogether the habit of CHAUDRON. (Fr.) Narcissus Pseudo-Narcissus. CHAULMOOGRA. The seeds of Gyno-cardia odorata. CHAUSSE-TRAPPE. (Fr.) CentranthusCalcitrapa. CHAVICA. A genus of Piperacece, pro-ducing two important plants, namely, theLong Pepper and the Betel Pepper. Thegenus is distinguished from the true pep-pers (Piper) by its perfectly unisexualflowers, which are sessile on spikes placedopposite the leaves, each flower being pro-tected by a stalked quadrangular peltatebract. C. Roxburghii is largely distributedin India, where it is cultivated to furnishthe Long Pepper of the shops, which con-sists of the spikes of flowers which, whileyet immature are gathered and dried in thesun. The natives employ them for variousmedicinal purposes, as also the roots, andthe stem cut into small pieces. In chemicalcomposition and qualities, Long Pepper re-sembles ordinary black pepper, like which

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Chavica Betel. it contains piperin. The Long Pepper whichis imported by the Dutch is said to be pro-duced by an allied species, C. oflicinarum.C. Betel, and C. Siriboa furnish the betelalready mentioned under Areca ; whichsee. The betel leaf is chewed with lime,and a slice of the Areca nut. The saliva istinged of a bright red in consequence. Itacts as a powerful stimulant to the diges-tive organs and salivary glands, and causes,when swallowed, giddiness and other un- pleasant symptoms in persons unac-customed to its use. [M. T. M.] CHAW-STICK. Gouania domingensis. CHAT-ROOT. Oldenlandia umbellata. CHEAT or CHESS. An American namefor Bromus secalinus. CHEESE RE:NTsET. Galium verum. *■ CHEESEROOM. The common name insome parts of the country for Agaricusarvensis, or Horse Mushroom. This fungusgrows in large rings, often many yards indiameter, and in some years, as in the wetsummer of 1860, occurs in extraordinaryabundance. It is known from true mush-rooms by its large size, paler gills

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bookid:treasuryofbotany01lind bookyear:1866 bookdecade:1860 bookcentury:1800 bookauthor:Lindley__John__1799_1865 bookauthor:Moore__Thomas__1821_1887 booksubject:Botany bookpublisher:London__Longmans__Green__and_Co_ bookcontributor:Smithsonian_Institution_Libraries booksponsor:Biodiversity_Heritage_Library bookleafnumber:303 bookcollection:biodiversity BHL Collection BHL Consortium

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