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Latex chess

Latex chess
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The latex chess set is all set up and have all been polished before the game is played. Im shiny-pink and Latex princess alu is shiny-black.

The chess set was made by Latex Candy and modified by me the latex goddess.

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Sexy shiny me
Date: 2018-12-03 17:53:55

Latex chess provocative pretty Latexy Life Latex world Latex land Latex skin Latex hair latex obsession obsession for latex obsession Rubber Rubbery rubber skin rubber land rubber world rubber hair Second Second life seductress Barbie Squeaky squeak squeaking Princess alu Latex princess Alu LatexyAlu alu latex pink black prinecss game pawn fetish fantasy Latex land princess sexy gloss glossy girl girly girls hot hottie hottest doll dolly dolls rubberdoll CG CGI art SL throne

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Shiny moniree in sl 5 2018-12-03 18:01:13

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