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No virtue goes unpunished! Christmas shopping for Bestie requires much help from our friends.

Christmas 2011 i purchased a prank Christmas gift for Bestie; a bag of turtle-looking transistors intended for steam-punk crafting purchased from Etsy. Actually they were vintage silicon 60’s transistors that were accepted with glee by Bestie. He quickly cobbled something called a “fuzz-box” & had many of those turtle looking transistors left over to build several dozen of those fuzz box thingies.

Shopping for me is easy, i usually leave my shopping lurks in his computer browser history file & voilà he gets the idea! Very Pavlovian & sneaky on my part; but, being obvious about my preferences has become customary in our relationship!

Bestie knows my preferences in jewelry, dress & if he hasn’t figured out what i like to wear is certainly not my fault!

The task of finding the perfect gift is a challenge sometimes requiring help from his friends. He has been such a dear this year with those unexpected Louboutin & Choo gifts this year, not to mention paying for all of those shopping vacations! So i just can’t do with all due conscious the prank gift thing this year!

Bestie uses computers for all kinds of things such as video processing, 3D printing, and all that sciency stuff; so after asking what was the most powerful computer for him was the Nexis of discussion for friends. Even Jenny was helpful; her current boyfriend is quite the computer geek!

Most consensuses revolved around the new Ryzen architectures. Not that Ryzen is considered to be the most powerful; some still argue Intel holds that reputation; but, Bestie already cobbled an earlier Ryzen computer for his 3D printer.

Several months ago a new Ryzen computer chip became available: Something called a Threadripper Ryzen 1950X with 32 CPU’s, 16 threads & lots of other things that i just don’t understand; but, will apparently make any computer geek salivate! Heehee, 16 ripped threads that are not even enough to make anything on a sewing machine!

So after several conversations & many trips to the computer store with Bestie’s friends i purchased the parts for him to build a really fast computer. Ha! Not that that was the only shopping, the female constituents continued shopping with me in Bethesda & Tyson’s for “girl stuff”. Heehee some of male friends also tagged along too! Really an enjoyable time was had by all! We all finally ended up @ a Baskin-Robbins to cool our heels for ice cream & conversation.

Feeling proud of myself finding something that would literally put Bestie in orbit this Christmas was filling me with that wonderful Christmas spirit! After purchasing all of the parts, video cards, memory, disk drives & all of that stuff needed to build this behemoth computer; i decided to give him his present early thinking he may finish building it sometime after Christmas! ;-)

Well, like i stated, no virtue goes unpunished! He was like a ten year old @ Christmas! Such enthusiasm was beautiful to watch; but, as it turned out i quickly became a techno widow! Forgetting one of Bestie’s endearing virtues of being intently focused was something i had not anticipated as he began right away, working in his magic basement!

Yikes, perhaps i should have waited until Christmas day! Pictured above was the initial unpacking & one of my few excursions into his domain. When i went downstairs to retrieve Bestie for dinner he was slaving away! After changing into something fetching & wearing an outfit known to snap him out of just about any techno bliss was attempted, i finally got his attention for dinner!

Heehee, it looks like i may have to indulge myself in more Chess Tournaments with him this winter; something that worked in the past when he became too focused with his work! You would think after years of marriage, i could think through these pitfalls like recapping the toothpaste & minimizing that bathroom “nylon jungle” thing. Well life is an adventure after all!

Merry Christmas!
Date: 2017-12-16 06:18:35

Christmas gift shopping for Bestie parts Threadripper Ryzen 1950X behemoth computer techno widow

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PompeyzFan 2017-12-16 07:08:42
Thanks []! Really thought it would be for a frantic woman's tenacity, trying to find the perfect Christmas gift!? Merry Christmas sweetie!
Rebecca Verity 2017-12-16 07:15:43
An interesting story Rebecca,.. I like computer gadgets, but I think looking at all this computer stuff would be too much for me as well!... Loll,.. head for the shops for sure!!!...
you know the best way to grab besties attention would be to wear something black,, i.e, a LBD and some dark hosiery and patent heels,.. this usually works for your partner for sure!... lol, but its nice to see the presents being used too,,, Merry Christmas Rebecca.
*My travels with a Camera* 2017-12-16 15:36:25
Thanks [] even though we share many interests, i must admit he has much more patience with this kind of stuff. Truly fascinating that an equivalent cost of one of those $4000 Louboutin shoes & those parts may cause similar reactions in each of us resulting in joyous appreciation; reversing those gift’s received would undoubtedly result in less. Heehee desire can be so polarizing! Oh sweetie, i have my ways getting his attentions but must admit the task was a lot easier when i was in my 20's! Heehee like the old German philosopher once said: "So quick we get old, so late we get smart!". Merry Christmas!
Rebecca Verity 2017-12-16 21:43:24
[] Yes, agree with that as well Rebecca, plus the quote is so very true too.
Merry Christmas as well to you too.
*My travels with a Camera* 2017-12-17 02:03:29

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