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Lord Of The Rings (decorated) A190S
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This magnificent chess set has been created by the skilful artists and sculptors at SAC Ltd, who have faithfully reproduced the characters from New Line Cinema's motion picture trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. The first part of the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring, has inspired this set, the chess pieces are based upon the principal characters who are portrayed by a cast of internationally acclaimed actors.

The resulting visually stunning pieces have captured the very essence of The Fellowship of the Ring, a mythical tale of right and wrong underpinned by the belief that good will triumph over evil. Each of the major characters in the story has been assigned to the role of the chess piece that most accurately portrays their nature.

All of the chess pieces in this unique set have an astonishing degree of detail and likeness to the characters portrayed in The Fellowship of the Ring. With this chess set, it is now possible for chess players to enter the fantastic and mythical world of Middle-earth and battle against all odds to destroy the opposition.

All pieces are completely handmade at SAC Limited, Kingston-upon-Hull, England.

(c) 2002 New Line Productions, Inc. The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring and the characters, events, Items and the places therein, (tm) The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Tolkien Enterprises under licence to New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
king size: 4 3/8" (110mm)  
fits square size: 2" or 2 1/8"  
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